Air Duct Cleaning: Is Now a Good Time?

Interesting question.  Is now a good time for air duct cleaning?  Well, that depends on several factors.  Being in the air duct cleaning business you would think I would say yes it’s always a good time for air duct cleaning.  However, the truth is a little different from what you might expect.

First, if you’ve had your air ducts cleaned in the last five years you probably don’t need to have them cleaned right now.  Also, if you’ve recently had the entire system (including ductwork) replaced you don’t need them cleaned right now.  If your house is relatively new and you are not noticing any specific issues with your air, such as: dusting a lot, strange odors coming from vents, or even black lines appearing on the edges of your carpeting, or more trouble than usual with allergies and/or asthma symptoms, your are probably not in need of air duct cleaning right at the moment.

However, there are things that would indicate that this is a good time for air duct cleaning.  If you have recently remodeled anything in your home it is a great time to have the ducts cleaned because of the amount of dust, saw dust and perhaps even construction debris that has most likely gotten into your air ducts.  Also, if your house is brand new, ducts after a remodelbelieve it or not it is an excellent time to have your air ducts cleaned.  That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense at first thought.  I get that.  Sadly, for many of the same reasons as it makes sense after a remodel, it makes sense for new construction.

Other reasons that it is a good time for air duct cleaning is that we are in a time before the holiday rush.  I know, I really shouldn’t even mention the “h” word but they are coming and having the ducts cleaned ahead of all that entails is a fantastic idea.  Not having had them cleaned in the lasts five to seven years is a great reason also. Noticing strange odors coming from the vents, dusting way too often, suffering from allergy/asthma symptoms more than necessary and even noticing black lines at the edge of your carpeting are all signs that now is a very good time for air duct cleaning. If you’ve read through all of this and still aren’t sure, please give us a call and discuss  your concerns and we will be happy to help.





Before Cleaning                  After Cleaning

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2 thoughts on “Air Duct Cleaning: Is Now a Good Time?

  1. Having your air ducts professionally cleaned can save you energy cost. Your system doesn’t have to work as hard to reach a certain temp. There are other factors mentioned above like any major renovations and insect/rodent problems.