Ahhh Fall: What About Indoor Air Quality Now?

I love Autumn, fall whatever you prefer to call it.  I just love the change and the entrance of cooler temperatures.  Although it is welcomed it can cause some issues with indoor air quality.  This can be particularly true for allergy and asthma sufferers.  So, why is the change to cooler temperatures a problem for indoor air quality?  For the most part it is a question of humidity.

As the temps begin to fall (pun intended) the use of our air conditioning systems gets less and less.  Believe it or not our air conditioners help keep the humidity levels in our homes at good levels. So, when we don’t use them as often the humidity levels can get out of whack.high-humidity-2

If the humidity levels get too high, above 50%, it can lead to mold and mildew growth and even more dust mites.  All of these things lead to the symptoms that allergy and asthma sufferers have to deal with.

With less use of air conditioners and cooler temps the air in our home actually starts to dry out, less than 30%.  This an also wreak havoc on our health.  The drier our indoor air is the more the mucus membranes in our nasal and sinus cavities dry out.  This is a problem because those membranes are what filter our bacteria and debris.  With these being dry we have a higher risk of becoming sick.

That being said we should definitely pay more attention to the humidity levels in our homes and places of business as fall begins.  Of course, making sure your system is well maintained is important as well as using high quality HEPA filters and changing them at appropriate times.  All of these will help keep the indoor air quality in your homes and businesses the best possible.  All who breathe that air will appreciate it.

As always, if you have questions or we can help in any way with your indoor air quality give us a call!

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