Holidays? – Cleaning and Indoor Air Quality

The thought that next week we will be in November nearly has me hyperventilating.  This year has literally flown.  One of the things that has me reeling at the moment is that the holidays are approaching and I can’t slow it down.  I’m feeling really behind this year mostly because it’s been so very warm here still.  That being said.  It’s time to clean. I’ve been searching for what the “experts” have to say about the most important things to pay attention to and how to go about tackling said things.  They have lots to say, of course. There were a couple of major themes that seem to run through most.

The first major theme was to declutter.  Almost every post I looked at had decluttering near or at the top of their list of things to do.  Clutter most definitely happens in almost every home (and office for that matter).  All I can say is go through and either get rid of it (my suggestion) or put it where it actually goes. If it doesn’t have a “home” decide whether it needs one or not and then find it one if it does.  Lots of sites will tell you to do this a little at a time.  However, with the holidays fast approaching I say strap on a large cluttered living areatrash bag and go after it now.  (Of course if it’s months or years of clutter you might want to pace yourself.)

What on earth does this have to do with indoor air quality?  Great question since it was in the title.  One of the major causes of poor indoor quality is dust and debris.  One of the major culprits of dust and debris is clutter.  Clutter is a dust and debris.  Getting rid of the clutter will cut down significantly on the dust and debris in your indoor breathing atmosphere.

holiday-sanityThe other major theme was to do a thorough cleaning once and then clean and wipe up as you go.  Wiping the counters in the kitchen, bathroom etc each time you notice the need will go a long way in keeping things nice and tidy.  Swiping the mirrors when you notice the problem and wiping the toilets down every couple of days is a great idea as well.  Doing this will help with your sanity when the holiday doorbells start ringing.  We all need help with our sanity during the holidays.

Hope these items got you thinking.


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