New Year – Cleaner Indoor Air

Well it really actually is a new year.  Last year went by way too fast.  All those things that we had planned to do this time last year we are either celebrating their completion or lamenting the fact we didn’t quite get to them.  No worries if we didn’t quite get to some of them.  New year, fresh start, clean slate, another chance.  Fortunately that goes for all the things we had the best intentions of doing to improve our indoor breathing environments.  Let’s try and simplify those things this year into four categories.

First, lets do our best to make it a priority to check/change our air filters on a regular basis.  Set the day.  Set a reminder on your smartphone or on your calendar.  Just make it a regular part of what you do every month.

Second, call and schedule the regular maintenance on your system.  Twice a year is optimal.  Go ahead, stop reading this and call right now if that’s how you’ll make sure it happens.

Next, perhaps consider switching to natural air fresheners.  We all like for our homes to smell nice, clean and inviting.  However, some of the things we use are destroying the quality of our indoor air.  There are all kinds of natural alternatives out there and most smell as good or even better than what we use now. It’s just a thought, but particularly important if your family suffers from allergies or any kind of breathing difficulty.

Lastly, consider a system upgrade. Or, consider adding a whole system purification system to your existing system.  Either or both of these things can improve your indoor breathing atmosphere considerably.  And, of course, duct cleaning is always a great way to improve the indoor air quality.

That’s just four simple things to think about.  Start off the new year with the best indoor air quality you can acquire.  Here’s to a fresh, clean 2017!!


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2 thoughts on “New Year – Cleaner Indoor Air

  1. I’m a huge air freshener fanatic. Do you have any suggestions for natural air fresheners? Also, how do you feel about candles? Thanks.

    • Any of your citrus fruits are great natural air fresheners. I’ve simply simmered them in a small crockpot. Also, many of the essential oils used with a diffuser are great. As far as candles go, the best ones I’ve used are the soy candles. Just be sure to clip the wicks before burning. Hope this helped.