Indoor Air Quality, Does Remodeling Affect It?

It’s almost spring and our minds go to refreshing things, cleaning things, perhaps allergies and pollen and such.  And, maybe even remodeling something in our homes to freshen things up a bit.  That all sounds great.  However, we need to still be mindful of our indoor air quality.  Let’s concentrate on the remodeling aspects for now.

Some of you already understand the dust and mess that remodeling can bring.  It always seems as though the actual remodeling takes at least twice as long as they say.  In the mean time you see the effects.  There is just dust and mess and yuck everywhere.  It’s affecting your feelings of how clean your home is and what you are breathing in everyday.  You just want the job to be done.  Not just so you can enjoy the finished product but also so you can FINALLY clean up.  Once you have gotten to do that it seems as though everything is right with the world again.  But, what about what has gotten into your ducts during this time. It’s absolutely amazing what gets trapped in there during even the shortest of remodels.  Of course, there is dust and dirt etc.  Honestly, there is probably even some construction debris.

What I’m trying to get at is that even though the job is done, you love the results and you’ve gotten to clean up, there is another step you should seriously consider.  I’m talking about duct cleaning.  A thorough duct cleaning after any remodeling project can restore your home to breathing easy again. Thorough duct cleaning removes the dust, dirt, and even the construction debris that was quite possibly left behind.  Think about how much less dusting you will have to do and how much better your indoor air quality will truly be.



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