Top 5 Reasons to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned

There are a lot of things we already know are important in maintaining our homes.  Most of them we are very aware of and do on at least a regular basis.  However, there may be at least one you are either unaware of or just have never really given much thought.  As you might have guessed, I’m referring to air duct cleaning.  Quite honestly, a lot of folks have never even thought about it once.  I get that.  But, here are five of our top reasons that you should not only give it some thought but actually do it.

5.     Cuts Down on Household Dusting.  Seriously you could actually save valuable time by not having to dust nearly as often.

4.     Vermin and Insects Could Have Taken Up Residence in Your Ducts.  That’s really not even an exaggeration.  There have been vermin found in ducts.  Also, insects love dirty ducts.

3.     Up to 40 Pounds of Dust is Circulated through the Average Six-Room House in a Year.  One can only imagine how much of that just settles in the ducts.

2.     Saving Money.  That one probably grabbed your attention.  It is true.  Dirty ducts cause your heating and cooling system to have to work much harder than it should.  Dirty ducts affect the efficiency of the heating and cooling of your home which can cause increased utility bills.

1.     Giving Your Loved Ones the Best Quality Breathing Atmosphere Possible.  We all want the best for those we love.  Cleaning those air ducts removes all of the aforementioned issues and allows everyone to breathe easy.

These reasons only scratch the surface for all the excellent reasons to have your air ducts cleaned.  With summer fast approaching it would be an excellent time to cross this maintenance issue off of your list.

We’d be happy to help!

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