Back To School – What Can We Do to Improve Indoor Air Quality?

So last time we discussed the fact that indoor air quality in schools can definitely affect our kids performance.  This time let’s take a look at what we can do to help improve the air quality inside our schools.  You are probably thinking you, personally, can’t do anything.  But, that would be incorrect.

First, just understanding that problems with indoor air quality can affect your student’s performance is ahead of the curve.  Since you are already aware it is time to take steps to do something about it.

Next, take what you already know and build on it. Do your own research or take some of what is here and spread the word.  Let other parents, teachers and administrators know what you know.  Chances are pretty good that they are already aware.  However, it is good for them to know that others are genuinely concerned about the issue.

After that, get involved.  Perhaps your school or school district has an IAQ team in place. Volunteer to be a part.  If not, you could be the one to get it started.  If your student has asthma or allergy issues its an even better reason to get involved.  Get your student involved also.  When students are concerned and involved in improving their learning environment it is a great catalyst to spur others to be involved.

The EPA is a great resource for what can and should be done to improve the indoor air quality in schools.  They even have a tool kit ready for your use.  The link is as follows:

With all the information that is available we literally have no excuse to not be involved.  Let’s all do our part to make sure our kids have the best learning environments possible.

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